Inhabitants of a lemon tree

I’m an explorer, who wanders in search of critters. I’ve seen silent killers that often go unnoticed by many nature enthusiasts. But I never wondered, that a whole ecosystem could dwell on a single tree! This little ecosystem exists not in a forest but on a lemon tree in my garden, where my grandmother harvests…

Glimpses of Kanha- My first visit to wildlife

Wildlife photography was something I had no experience of. A day came when I finally had an opportunity but we dealt with a lot of confusions before, like, which national park to choose for visit, in such a huge biodiversity of Madhya Pradesh. The time for decision was limited and my winter holidays were approaching….

A wild confinement

“They’re sitting right in front of you. What are you waiting for?” “I don’t know why he is taking so much time to take the picture” ~ What my peers chatter about, whenever I take them along. Taking pictures of animals behind the cage bars in captivity looks easier. But when it comes to photograph…

The hidden predators

“Where do you find them?“, a question that people ask me frequently. “everywhere“, the answer that I’ve always persisted on the tip of my tongue The mute predators, that nobody bothers to notice. Spider, the creature to which we all are pretty  familiar. Residents of our houses and gardens. Some cause you arachnophobia, the fear of…

The beauty beneath the green

It was 4th of July, last year, the day of heavy rain and the last day of my summer vacations. Thinking about the new shot opportunities, I went to the park in my locality which has immense greenery and fauna. ‘What on earth do you find just roaming around the bushes?‘ That’s what everyone asks me frequently….